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OUR BODY: The Universe Within's aim is to provide our visitors with a deeper understanding of the form and function(s) of the human body as well as to appreciate our similarities and the subtle differences, which makes each of us, unique! Contrasting examples of healthy and diseased organs and specimens are displayed throughout the exhibit with the intended hope for our visitors to make healthier lifestyle choices, if not already in the practice of doing so.



Dr. Walter Isaac Hofman, M.D. served as the Medical Advisor and Consultant to the OUR BODY: The Universe Within exhibitions. Dr. Hofman was a well-known and highly respected Doctor of Forensic Pathology who lent his knowledge and expertise to The Universe Within Touring Company, LLC for the presentation of the exhibition, OUR BODy: The Universe Within. With years of expertise in his former capacity as Medical Examiner for Dallas County, Texas as well as Acting Medical Director for Gloucester County in New Jersey, Dr. Hofman qualified to professionally and medically guide the presentation of the exhibition in its various educational, medical and anatomical components. Dr. Hofman brought to the exhibition not only a sense of where the study of human anatomy has been, but where it is headed in terms of technology and study. A Diplomat of the American Board of Pathology, Dr. Hofman was certified in Anatomic,  Forensic, and Clinical Pathology. His medical school appointments included both a Professorship in Clinical Pathology at Philadelphia’s prestigious Temple University School of Medicine and a Professorship of Pathology at the venerable and distinguished University of Pennsylvania School of medicine. Dr. Hofman had the distinction of being appointed a teaching fellowship at Harvard Medical School.


Enjoy the Journey! 


Dr. Walter Hofman  

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